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Crafting is my therapy. What's yours?

I suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and depression. Together they can make me a very fatigued, emotional, angry, withdrawn person. I over do things because keeping busy takes me away from the anxiety and depression, but the truth is all I am doing is running straight into the arms of my fatigue monster when I do it! This picture is something I thought of the other day to explain this feeling. 
I try to meditate and I am starting to do small amounts of stretching and yoga, but the one thing that helps keep relaxed and sane, and has done for many years now is my crafting. I love all kinds of crafts. My latest makes are my CE tested Sensory Monsters "The Peepos" they are great to touch and cuddle when you're feeling blue. 
I have also found my online friends in the crafting communities and chronic fatigue groups very helpful and comforting. Stops you feeling so isolated. 
Something that brings me happiness is helping others which I hope to do with my sensory to…
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Win A Booboos Sensory Monster from The Peepos Collection

***Give away time!*** To celebrate the launch of my CE tested hand knitted monsters The Peepos.  I'm going to do a giveaway 😁 You have the chance to win a Booboos monster worth £45.00 He is made from Sirdar Snuggly Chunky Snowflake wool which is super soft and very touchy feely. Which is why my son loves them so much!
To be in with a chance please go to my Face Book Page: 1. like my page (not just the post) 2. share the post 3. Comment on the post and tell me who will be snuggling Booboos 
Good luck! You have until 14th August at 9pm to enter. This is in no way to do with facebook its all me Ellephantastic Thanks Helen xx

First Craft stall in years!

Last Saturday I attended my first mini event since before I had Murphy! It was great to get back out there again with my crafts and to launch "The Peepos" my Sensory Monsters
I had a great day!
Looking forward to doing more fact I have just booked my biggest one yet!! Check out my Events Page for details of any events I will be attending with either my full crafty stall or just my Sensory Monsters "The Peepos"
Helen xxx

Meet "The Peepos" Sensory Monster Toys

Meet "The Peepos" They are lovable soft and snuggly Sensory monsters
The Peepos have been tested thoroughly and passed their CE certification

They are great for any child or adult and are especially great as a sensory toys due to their super soft, touchy feely wool.
If you would like to order one of The Peepos Monsters please  Contact Me
For full ordering details see my Terms and Conditions
My order book is now open!!!

Booboos £45.00 He is a lovely 15 cm high (approx) ball of monster fun. He loves to play with his best buddy Boogalobie

Boogalobie £55.00  He is 33 cm high ( approx) and is actually quite a shy squishy monster given his size. He likes to play with his buddy Booboos and have snuggles at bedtime.

Floffles £45.00 She is 15 cm high (approx) and is the cheekiest of all the monsters.  She loves a good game and giggles a lot.

Pookiechu £65.00  She is 29 cm high (approx) and is the mother hen of the group.  Watching over all the monsters especially her little buddy Tinkywink…

NEW>>>>The "Peepos" coming to you for snuggles soon!

Coming for some snuggles with you from this week!!
That's right. Watch out this week for the launch of my CE certified hand knitted cuddly Peepos!!
As you can see Murphy luuuuuurves them!
Which one will you be snuggling ..... or do you want them ALL?!
Stay tuned for their release and maybe even a competition to win one???!!!
Happy Monday xxx

Buttons Picture Gift

This week Murphy's friend's little sister turned one and I decided I would have a go at a buttons picture as a present for her. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Very pretty for a very pretty little girly. She's my little smiley buddy when I do the school run. No matter how I feel she makes me smile.
If you would like to order a picture gift please contact me for more details
Helen  xxx

Custom Orders

Here's a couple more custom orders I have made in the last week I've enjoyed making the Thank You Teacher cards Can't believe it's the end of term already. How is my boy nearly 5?!

If you would like a card making for any occasion please get in touch!
Helen  xx