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Ellephantastic is having a make over.
Moving forward it will be about "My Journey" as a wife and mother with CFS/ME through various "creative" ways

I want to inspire others with my story, arts and crafts and show them how there is another way!


Part of "My Journey" is my Forever Business. I get to work flexibly from home around my son and CFS/ME and the best part is I get to help lots of people build their own business!
I work along side like minded fantastic people who are very supportive and you receive a lot of recognition. My dreams are no longer dreams they are my future!
If you would like to know more about what I do please contact me or go to

Inspire Lead Succeed

My digital images will be back soon with some new ones!!
I am currently updating my store

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  1. Starting Fresh!
    24 Feb, 2016
    Starting Fresh!
    Moving forward Ellephantastic is going to be about "My Journey" as a wife, mother, crafter, Forever Business owner and CFS/ME/anxiety/depression sufferer. I hope to inspire people on the way with my various creative ways and honest reports of my battles. I want to help as many people as I can!
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