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Ellephantastic Knitting

Bride & Groom
(September 2009 - order)
Groom from £15.00
Bride from £20.00

(July 2009 - order)
Small toy from £15.00

Ellephantastic version of Norman Price from Fireman Sam
(November 2009 - order)
Small toy from £15.00

Torres Liverpool Player
(October 2009 - order)
Small footballers from - £15.00

Gerrard Liverpool player
(June 2009 - gift)
Small footballers from - £15.00

Large Garcia Liverpool player
(2005 - order)
Large footballers from £30.00

Cowboy - for the fun
Medium toys from £20.00

Novelty adult jumper order
(Chistmas 2008)
Adult jumpers from £30.00

Rudolph novelty jumper
(gift Christmas 2008)
adult jumpers from £30.00

Ellephantastic My Little Pony kids jumper
(Christmas gift 2007)
baby to 5yrs from £10.00
5yrs to 10yrs from £20.00

Ellephantastic My Little Pony kids jumper
(Christmas gift 2007)
baby to 5yrs from £10.00
5yrs to 10yrs from £20.00

Mermaid birthday gift
(july 2008)
Other/misc toys & animals from £5.00

(2007 - order)
Other/misc toys & animals from £5.00

(birthday gift July 2009)
Other/misc toys & animals from £5.00

Blanky bear
(gift 2006)
Other/misc toys & animals from £5.00



Helen babe you are one talented lady!! OMG! I would love to knit like this! I can see me placing an order with you...can I choose a character babe? It will be for my something really girly. She loves Disney princess, unicorns anything magical.
I will add your blinki to my blog babes.

Have a wonderful xmas and a pain free and happy new year!!
mckinkle said…
oh WOW your knitted creations are gorgeous! Well done you!
I love the attention to detail on the bride, she is stunning!

Keryn x

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Mr Ratty the Bookmark

Mr Ratty the Bookmark is from a free pattern by Jonas Matthies at Supergurumi
I have asked his permission to make Mr Ratty to sell and he has said Yes! 
CE Tested: Mr Ratty the Bookmark  £6.00 each  plus postage or free to collect
How to Order your CE Tested Mr Ratty Choose a colour .....current colours available are
Light Grey Light Brown Dark Brown

Then let me know: How many you would like, The date you would like them for
Contact meto arrange payment and the details.
Once you have contacted me with the above details you will be sent an invoice.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal Your item will be made once the payment is received Finished items will be posted to you or can be collected on the agreed date on your invoice
Any queries please ask Many thanks Helen aka Ellephantastic
COMING SOON! various other bookmark animals and designs

How I price my toys ....

.....I thought I would share with you today how I price my knitted Monsters.
I spent a long time researching how to price them and looking at how much other people charge for their toys (which are often not CE tested which they should be!)
Pricing ingredients: Cost of the products: wool, stuffing Use of equipment & other: Knitting needles, scissors, electricity for lights  My time: Designing the toy, knitting the toy, testing the toy CE Test: Making sure my toy is to CE standards
Now you have to decided how much you want to pay yourself an hour and any extra profit
How much do you get paid an hour? Shall we say minimum wage £7.50 per hour
The largest toy I make is Pookiechu (the pink one) she takes me 16 hours to make 16 x 7.50 = 120
so that makes Pookiechu £120 before I've even added on the cost of any wool etc!
I therefore decided to pay myself a lot less and she became £65 However even though I know you are paying for a quality toy made with quality products and to the CE stand…

Thank you Teacher cards order

Morning Ellephantasticers!
Today I am sharing an order I've made for a friend. 2 x cards for Female teachers 1 x card for a male teacher Each card is £1.50 each  (plus p&p or free to collect from me)

If you would like a card please get in touch. I can do little school boy cards too. Blonde or brunette hair For male or female teachers
Here's an example of the school boy

Have a great Monday Helen xx