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.......whats on your sofa (work desk) wednesday?!
If you've not joined in before then just pop over to Stamping Ground & have a nosey round other desks (or in my case sofa!) & show off what your are doing.

My Chrismtas tree has now gone :-( I can spread out again now though...yey!
I'm not very tidy this week, I'm working on a few things so I have bits all over!!
Last week there was my love album from Susie's shop which I have finished but its for my Daisy & Dandelion DT project so I will have to show you it later.

This week its bits from making the card on the post before this & I'm in the middle of the card which is on the sofa arm!

PS this is a different view so you get to have a good nosey (someone requested last week & I chuckled!)



Linda Elbourne said…
Thank you for sharing ... I started out crafting on my sofa ... I was never that tidy though :0)
Wipso said…
Hi Helen. Thanks for the new view on your workspace. Glad I made you chuckle. I plan to make someone smile every day so you made my day :-) Thanks for dropping in on my blog.
A x
Julia Dunnit said…
I think it's incredibly tidy for a craft really very impressed. How often do you fall asleep on that comfy sofa?! Nice that you have it all at hand, even a noticeboard - is that finished stuff or inspiration?
Susie Sugar said…
Looks nice and cozy to me darling
keep warm
hugs Susie xx
Chrissie said…
I started out with my stuff in a Mothercare Nursery box, which grew into a chest of drawers and a set of shelves and a whole bunch of boxes and I think I could do with a little therapy!
What do they say about people who live in a state of clutter?
At least I can shut the door on my space so it doesn't get complained about. Your space looks most welcoming!
Carmen said…
I love your little craft nook you've got going on there. Definitely looks comfy - had to enlarge the picture so I could have a proper nose to screen nosey ;)
LadyBug said…
Oh to be able to craft all comfy on the sofa..... I think muy dogs would have something to say about that and sit on all my stash :)
I'd have stuff all over the sofa and all round me on the floor too. When I used my kitchen table I'd use 2 chairs either side of me as well :)
Anne x
Kaz said…
What do you mean it's not tidy?? It looks it to me and it looks comfy too xx
Pam said…
Your sofa looks so much more comfy than my chair, only prob is I would fall asleep! You look very tidy too me I make much more mess!
Hugs Pam
Lauren Hatwell said…
Well, as you now know, my sofa is littered at the moment. Yours looks very neat and tidy in comparison. I love your throw on the back there. Did you make it? lauren x
Rosie said…
All that sofa needs is a big furry blanket to snuggle up in ... well you would if it was mine! It's COLD up here it my attic.
Linby said…
looks very comfy - but what about glitter it would get everywhere - or don't you do glitter? I had to separate my PC from craft area because the keyboard was glowing with glitter and embossing powder!
Carmen said…
The Warm Fuzzies book is 30 projects to make gorgeous felted items and a step by step how to felt jumpers and some basic sewing techniques :D Am aiming for a home made Christmas this year and hoping that will help me out a bit, some gorgeous bits in there but am a compete newbie at sewing. Ooer.

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