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WOYWDW, an award, apologies again...updates!!

I missed last weeks so I thought I'd share this week....not much to share on the card making/crafting side other than a desk I currently can't get to for stuff!!!
I've been so busy with my knitting for channel 5 & resting when not knitting, so I've just kinda lost my desk!!

As you can see I have my wool out, my stuffing & on the arm of the chair is the leaflet to remind to do the warranty for our new combi micro wave!!

Susie have you spotted the chocolate yet???!!!
There are some mini eggs hiding for me to do my easter gifts.

If you would like to join in with WOYWDW pop over & leave a comment on Julia's blog

A huge thank you to the lovely Wipso for this giving me this award. I am truly chuffed to bits that she has thought of me yet again for another lovely award.
As I have already received this award I will just say my huge thank yous & tell you my most favourite thing of all right now is
My blogging friends

I would like to apologise for the lack of blog hopping, comments, crafting & joining in with challenges. Truthfully I am having a really tough time with a lot of things & to add insult to injury having some major weird side effects from the tablets I'm taking. Doc has said they should go in a few days so I have to just take it easy for abit.

Updates 5 currently have one of my toys & the 2nd is about ready to post to them. They have now asked me to make a 3rd so I'll be resting & knitting again whilst taking it easy so I'm afraid probably no cards from me for a few more days yet. (I seem to have to have either my knitting head on or my cards!!)

Keep crafting & hopefully I'll get some blog hopping down a bit later



Wipso said…
You sound to have a plate spinning sort of life like mine :-) Really looking forward to a show and tell when you're able with the knitting. Hang in there and do get rest when you're able. Your blogging friends are happy to wait in the wings while you are busy.
A x
Julia Dunnit said…
What did I miss that Channel 5 need your toys? Woo Hoo!! I spotted the yellow mini egg bags theminute I logged in...can't hide them from me you know!
Be sensible about rest, and frankly - enjoy the weird world the pills give you - sitting down though!!
Sam said…
woah - you can't even get to that desk can you!!? Still, it will be waiting for you when you are ready - and so will we! :-)
Crafty Chris said…
Hi Helen
Looks like your going to be busy, how did they spot the eggs Im still looking for them.
Chris x
Pam said…
Sounds like you are very busy with your knitting. Hugs Pam x
Paula Gale said…
Trust Julia to spot the minieggs - I had to look for a second time to find them!!

You look sooo busy. I'm keeping my eye on Channel five and also you announcing (when you can) more about your knitting for them. Also - waiting with bated breath for your knitted character to appear on Harry Hill. We watch it every Saturday and the feature called K factor makes my family howl... let us know when yours will be on - or what character it is...

Hope you feeling better soon.

Paula x x x
Nikki said…
WOW Helen Your Desk is so full I can see the reasoning for the comfy chair beside all of it
Ok I honestly was looking for a purple bag of eggs couldn't find it till I read Julia's Post lol
good luck with all that Knittin'
hugs Nikki
Anonymous said…
Wow Channel 5, well done you! Not that I know what channel 5 is of course, but good on yer!! I think I see the mini eggs too, but I had to look really hard.

Susie Sugar said…
Hey careful or you'll end up like me ...or is that the plan !!! lol
Love ya Susie xx

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