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Ellephantastic Monday - Easter basket no 2

Theme - Easter
Tutorial -by Sarpreet - how to colour Daisy & Dandelion images click HERE & HERE
Mondays - Helen Laurence

Week 1 - click HERE
Week 2 - click HERE

Week 3 - Mini Easter Basket No 2
**Please click on the pictures to view a larger image**

Some bunny loves you clear stamps set, duck images from last week, cocktail stick, silicone bun case, blue/white tack, easter brads, brush markers, water brush, decoupage scissors, embossing tool & matt, 3D foam pads, glue, double sided tape, acrylic block, ink, pokey tool

Stamp out & colour your image.
I have coloured my image using Sarpreets Tutorial 2 HERE

Cut out your image & the 2 duck images from last week. (I have used decoupage scissors)
Using your embossing tool rub the back of the images to give them some shape.

Print, colour & emboss the egg & bow image
Stick the cocktail stick to the back of your bunny image. (I have used double sided tape)

Stick 3D foam pads down each side of the egg image & stick over the cocktail stick

Stick 3D foam pads to the bow image & stick to the egg.

Now put your blue/white tack into the centre of your silicone bun case & stick the cocktail stick (with the images on) into the blue/white tack

Print, colour & emboss the Happy Easter image. Now use a pokey tool & poke a hole into the black dots

Poke holes into the silicone bun case where you would like the image to go & attach your easter brads
Glue your 2 ducks from last week to the inside of the silicone bun case & fill with mini eggs

This is your finished Easter basket no 2
Come back again next monday to make a card to go with your mini baskets
Thank you & have fun!!


Mel said…
Hi Hels, i just read your ME/CFS update as i have lost touch with what is going on. At first I thought you were talking about the Driving Licience people but then i realized and...well what a pile of pooh. I would like to see them find you, me or anyone with our condition an employer who would be happy to take us on. Ask them if they will employ you - oh but by the way you might have to phone in sick on the odd occasion, and could they provide somewhere you could rest a while when you collapse into a heap of painful uselessness. And how exactly are you supposed to keep up your concentration levels.
Love always Mel x
Keep your pecker up girl - just look at what you've been doing when you have had your good days. Against all the odds, you are really making the most of them. People should ask themselves how would they feel if they had to sleep through half their lives and not be able to do normal every day things. They take it all so for granted they would probalbye wonder what they hell you are talking about. Mel x
Allison said…
wow just fab Helen

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