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WOYWDW??? - a ha - not "What" but "Where" is my Workdesk????

This is a picture of where my desk use to be in the front room. Please excuse the stuff!
Ok now can you guess where I have moved my work desk (& stash) too???
You will never guess!!!
You will think I am crazy too!!
my new craft room is now
No joke!! here's pictures
The knitted clown & cowboy are on top of the toilet (the lid is obviously shut!!)
My knitting & dirty washing!! Is IN the bath!!
You can just see my desk on the right & corner of bath on the left
That is pictures of the whole room totally rammed full of my craft stuff!!
Have I gone crazy? Probably!!
As you may already know I live in a static caravan & we have a shower room, seperate toilet & then a bathroom with a second toilet. Because of the lack of space the bathroom was just a constant dumping ground for stuff. So I shuffled everything around & moved myself into here instead. Obviously I can't use my bath, but then I couldn't use it before either :-( oh well its worth it to have a whole craft room to myself!
I will of course be having showers now instead - I am not dirty!!

Anyways now I have shocked you all I am off to shoot & get some clothes on because I'm going to the hospital a bit early than planned for my first appointment with the Nurse in the head ache clinic.
I will be back later with some crafting I did yesterday (my first day in my new room!) & to let you know about my hospital appt. 
Please also note it is CFS/ME awareness day!
To help promote awareness please join in my blog candy & advertise for me
Sees you later
Oh almost forgot!! If you want to join in with WOYWDW then pop over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground



Sue said…
Hi Helen
well nice size bathroom think your the first i no who craft in it, lol, hope all goes ok at the hospital, have good day, sue,x
joey said…
Oh my Gosh Helen LOL now that is an absolute first to have a craft room in a bathroom, still its more space than I have got lol, hope all goes ok at the hospital.
Julia Dunnit said…
FAB idea!! Gotta be the best use of space! I have the luxury of an en quite with bath and shower and in the three years since we built it - I've had one bath. So you won't miss it, specially if you're having a strugglesome day! Happy new room Helen!
Jennifer said…
OMG! I was in a state of shock at first until I read on lol!
It's nice big room and lots of storage.
I hope everything goes well today Helen.
Take care
Jen x
Haha. hadn't read this last week. now you'll be having showers, but what about going to the toilet?
Anne x
Gez said…
FAB use of space me thinks. :) Hope all goes well at the hospital today.xx Happy crafting. Gez.
Hazel (Didos) said…
Brill use of space Helen, What a fabby idea. Hope you got on ok at the hospital. Off to advertise your candy on my blog, Love Hxoxox
Sue said…
Wow think you have gone mad! (for crafting), hee hee, the lengths we go to so we can craft, ha ha, I started on my potting table, thanks for sharing, Happy Crafting, Sue xx
Wipso said…
Well Hellen that must be a first. A WOYWW in the bathroom :-) I just love your space and think it's just perfect as is your knitting. I really love the couple you have knit. You are so talented.
A x
ps hope the hospital appointment went well.
Helen said…
I've heard of some places to craft! Still, we do what we have to!
From, your namesake!
kayc said…
Thanks for the peek at your craft space. Way to put your candy on my blog. Hope you get on ok at the hospital. Take care Kathleen xx
You obviously have a 'posh' static van, I only have a shower in mine! Great idea to use the space and I can see you have made some great creations since settling in in there! I love the knitted figures too! Hope all goes well for you at the hospital. Have a great week. Tracey x
That's got to be one of the most unusual crafting places I've ever seen Helen, it's amazing. Love your knitted characters - I've got a scarecrow somewhere, I'll try to find a piccie for you!

Nicki, xx
Foil Play said…
Definitely a first, but you look very organised!
Linda Elbourne said…
When my ME was at it's worse ... the best I could manage was a shower too so I think you should be congratulated on a very clever use of space X
Patrice said…
Ha, good idea! At least you have your own space now :o) hope all went well with your hospital appt.


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