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Postage preferences - HELP please!! EDITED

Thank you all for your input the weight seems to be the favourite.
The only problem I am having is I can't do weight on Paypal!
So I have done my postage prices so they should be roughly correct on weight prices.
Also I think you will find my product prices more than fair as they are nearly all less than retail!!
Two weeks tomorrow & you'll be able to see for yourselves!!

Hi, Hope you are enjoying the sun while its out?!
I would like to ask you all your opinons on postage on online craft shops.
How do you prefer it to be?

A flat rate eg £3.00 no matter what you buy
By weight 
0.00-10.00 = £1.00
10.01 - 20.00 = 2.00 & so on..

I need to decide for my shop..only 19 days to go!!


I think the second is beter..... i think its more fair, when people buy something very light ;)

good luck with your shop!
Wipso said…
I would say to be fair it should be by weight. Good luck on the shop opening.
A x
Jane said…
I have mine as large letter, packet under 500g and packet over 500g it's very tricky the postage many people want free p & p but how could you make any money doing that not us small people anyway!
Jane said…
I have mine as large letter, parcel under 500g and parcel over 500g it's very tricky postage and many want free p & p but how can you make money that way!
Crafty Chris said…
I think the last option.
Good luck.
Christine x
Lilacanglia said…
I think the by weight is the best,
Vanja said…
Hi Helen! By weight, I'd say.
Hugs, Vanja
kayc said…
I think by weight. Good Luck. Kathleen x
Hi Helen
By weight is by far the fairest option all round. You don't want to be losing money either which you might if you charged a flat rate and the customer's parcel came in at more. I hope you've remembered to take into account packing as well.
Helen xx
Josie said…
By weight... think that the postal office charges that way too...
but do state the international shipping rates as well if you are planning to making it international :D

All The best~

regards Josie

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