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 ***EDITED*** - DOH! I forgot to link to Julia's blog Stamping Ground where the WOYWDW madness started!

I have finally remembered & had time to join in this week.
On my desk..hmm well lets see - my new burper (nibble) -the blue pencil sharpener in the corner, he chews your pencil & when sharp enough burps at you & says "oops sorry"
There is also all the remnants of my little crafting spree from last night. A gift box I have covered using Funky vintage papers (which I sell in my shop!!) There's 2 wine/choc bar hangers & the handbag card I made the other day.

Sorry if I don't manage to visit you all today, however if you visit me & will return the favour.
Have a good wednesday



Sid said…
Busy desk 'burper' and all !!
Twiglet said…
Lovely to see your desk - the box is pretty and I bet the blue burper is really useful - if embarassing at times!!!
Heather x said…
Great desk pics hun :0)
*hugs* Heather x
Linda Elbourne said…
That box is really pretty!
Sue said…
Hi Helen
lovely desk piccoe, lovely box, & tilda bag, have good day, sue,x
Very pretty decorated box and is that a bag I can spot in the background, looks nicely decorated too. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans x
Jill said…
ooh I like the new pencil sharperner, and your papers look fab thanks for visiting me, sorry I don't leave comments for you much I just don't have the time to blog as much as I did, sorry, hope you're ok Helen?
We've been having some major problems with our neighbour, she has been cutting down my washing lines and threanening us! hugs Jill xx
Darcy said…
haha smiled at the 'burper'..lovely papers.

Your hubby doesn't know you love bags??? you clearly haven't bought enough of them lol
Helen said…
That pencil sharpener sounds great fun!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Sarpreet said…
thanks for popping by, love the box on your desk.
kath said…
loved seeing your crafty space today helen...thanks for sharing...hugs kath xxx
jude said…
Heather your box is gorjuss love the papers .Your cards beautiful also.hope your ok?and had good day sorry im late this week girls off school they have been crafting wih me i seemed to get nothing done the girls did?? is making and altering a wooden box for twilight stuff mad fan MR R PATTZ not my thing.
Have good evening hugs judex
Bettythebaglady said…
Hiya Helen Thanks for popping by.It's hard to visit when just doing it wears you out. I usually manage about a quarter and have to give up. That paper is a lovely colour and I'm fancying the high heeled shoe stamp I can just see peeping from behind. If you can't wear 'em stamp 'em say I. Hugs (but very gently as an FM sufferer to a CFS/ME sufferer). Love Betty
Bettythebaglady said…
Silly me-meant to say I went to a demo at The Range and they were demoing the Christmas goody bag-didn't like to tell them I had way too much Christmas stuff already plus most of last year's cards-it's a long story even for me!.BettyXXX
Wow what a great desk Helen, so much creativity bursting. Love your box, it is so beautiful. Take care hugs Heidi xx
Cheryl said…
oh loving your desk hun and the projects on there just look wonderful,hugs cheryl xxxxx
Cath said…
Great desk and love the burper...

Lizzybobs said…
thanks for sharing your craft space - love Liz
joey said…
Oh My Gosh Helen LOL I love that pencil sharpener I want one! LOL. Love the bag and box on your desk too. Joey.x
Doone said…
oh wow I want a burper - I've lost three pencil sharpeners somewhere in my room and am back to using my scapel - which actually I prefer but is a bit dangerous if you know me at all - (I could end up losing a finger)
Carmen said…
Such pretty papers on your box. Love the idea of wine bottle chocolates too :D Perfick partnership if you ask me ;)
Didn't even look at the desk, too taken with the pretty box setting on it. And a burping sharpener, I really think I need one, but have no clue where you would find one.
Sheila said…
Love the desk and all the colourful supplies. Does the "burper" do babies?

Thanks for sharing
Cardarian said…
Hi Helen!

You have a lovely desk, full of interesting things, ha, ha love the burper! Your projects are lovely!
Julia Dunnit said…
Lovely papers on the box. My gosh your notebook is full, hope it'snot a real 't do' list! And of course, love the burper...very apt for our drawing office at work!
Sunshine Girl said…
Great desk and I love the burper - I so need one now!
Wendy said…
nice desk, the gift box look lovely scrummy papers
Angie said…
Love your box ...great papers.
angeleef said…
Haha Love that pencil burper! And that handbag card immediately drew my attention! It's so pretty!!
Have a nice day
** Evi **
JoZart said…
Love your desk with lots of goodies and especially the burping pencil sharpener!
Hi helen, am curious about your pencil sharpener- his head got cut off! Patsy from
Wipso said…
Hehehe think I'd like a burping pencil sharpener :-)
Bluefairy4U said…
Hi Helen sorry I'm late lovely desk and very organised. Love your little handbag with one of the girlies. Your treat bags look good and your little burper have a nice evening HUgs Jo xxx
Lovely desk, never heard of a burper - sounds brilliant! :-)
Love the box, those papers are very pretty. Missed a couple of weeks of challenges so I'm going to be ready and waiting for the theme on Saturday morning!!

Hels Sheridan said…
I want a pencil sharpener that burps..where did yo uget him from please??? LOL
Tracey said…
never heard of a burper before but it sounds good. The boxes on your desk are lovely, are those small boxes in the craft colour? they look interesting. I am a box fan myself yet very rarely make them.
Sorry this is late hope you have a great weekend
Chrissie said…
Never heard of this type of 'burper' before but it sounds such fun.
minnie_mac said…
Lovely collection of items from your spree !

I know I am really late this week, but I was glad I made it by to welcome you back to WOYWW. I really love the gift box you made. Those papers are gorgeous. I see you have some copics, too, something I've never owned. Happy really belated WOYWW.

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