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Whats on your "Tweet" desk Wednesday?

Good sunny morning WOYWDWers!!
Lots of good news to share with you today. Firstly my new niece was born yesterday she is called Eva.
I had some sneaky cuddles last night when she was only 3 hours old!
Next bit of good news is I've finally moved out of the bathroom!! (For those who haven't visited me before, we live in a static caravan with a bathroom, shower room  & toilet, so I took over the bathroom)
...but I am not totally moved because hubby still has some bits to move & I have a house guest staying on my desk for a week. Meet Ella Bella B
My mum & dad fly to France today so I am bird sitting!! 
look empty shelves! Oh & the top of the toilet!!
Here's my new space. It is an office built on a mezzanine floor above hubby's workshop
I have been sat on my patchwork blankets I made whilst sorting stuff out!
Here's the other side where you can see hubby's master paint work on car panels. I am not allowed to go near them!! My desk will be going where the panels are under the lights.
Great eh?! My own propper space. Now instead of banging my knees & elbows in the bathroom I bang my head on the sloping roof instead!!! lol!!!!

Apologies for being so late with visiting last week. I will try to do better this week!!
If you want to see where to WOYWDW started then pop over to see Julia & everyone elses desks!



Thistleblue said…
Oh my how adorable! Little Eva is so beautiful!

Congrats on your new crafty space too!
Hope you have a wonderful WOYWW!
p.s. mind your head :-)
Congrats, Helen - you're post was full of wonderful surprises today!

TinaB said…
Soooooooo cute! I have some candy :0), would love you to have the chance to win, it's Here
Cheryl said…
oh eva is just so adorable oh so cute,bless her,and great too see you have moved at last hun great space too hugs cheryl xx
jude said…
Wow Helen i love your new organised space so much better than the bathroom your gonna have to find something to fill the bathroom.Hope your well finish all tests this week then go on 18th for my results so fingers crossed.Have agreat wednesday
love n hugs judex
Sue said…
Hi Ya Helen
aww she is beautiful, congratulations to all, gorgeous new workspace, have great day, sue,x
Hazel (Didos) said…
Ahhh she is so adorable. Big Hugs to you all, Thanks for the nosey and rather you than me bird sitting!!! Eackkkk one of my fears is birds as pets.
Minxy said…
Oh Helen get you in your new space, i bet your well happy.. enjoy every minute of it.
And congrats on being an auntie, Eva is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby
BethanyR said…
Sweet little baby! Neat that you are getting a new space....
Cath Wilson said…
What a fab, bright workspace - lucky you! Gorgeous little babe, too. Happy WOYWW!
Wipso said…
Little Eva is sooooo cute. How exciting to have a new crafting space too :-)
A x
Sheila said…
Beautiful baby!

Congrats on the new workspace
Pam said…
Eva is beautiful. Well done on finally getting your own space, look forward to seeing it all finished. Hugs Pam x
Sunshine Girl said…
oooh what a great week - a new niece and a new craftroom - bet you are on cloud 9! enjoy :)
Bluefairy4U said…
Ooh she's so cute. Little Eva how lovely. Glad you have a new work space cannot wait to see it finished.
Big Hugs Jo. xxx
Linda Elbourne said…
Eva is beautiful and look at you Aunty Helen in your new purpose made space ... How exciting and all in one post ... I shall be back next week for the next installment ... and don't touch those panels :0)
Helen said…
Congrats on niece Eva - how gorgeous!!! I will never moan about crafting on the floor again! (well not for a while, lol) Well done on getting your own space.
Neet said…
Gorgeous tiny baby and love the bird too (must not miss him out). Good luck with the new space - enjoy!
JoZart said…
Lovely for you to get such a great space for yourself. Happy Crafting!
Gorgeous newbabe too!
JoZarty x
Darcy said…
awww Eva is just adorable. Well done on getting a new space to craft, enjoy it.
Congratulations on your new and very organized space. Looks like you are settled into it, too.

What a darling niece. And to think she was only 3 hours old and so many WOYWWers have already visited her. What a sweetheart and precious photo you have given us today. Happy WOYWW.
Lilacanglia said…
AWWWWWWWW she is gorgeous,
congrats to her family,

great news on the new crafty place,
Heather x said…
Oh so cute :0) congrats to the family.
*hugs* Heather x
Anonymous said…
Wonderful new workspace for you Helen and your new little niece is just adorable.

Ah lovely pic of little Eva :-)
your craft space will be great when it's all sorted
Anne x
Sid said…
Great crafty space and addition to the family !!
Piddawinkle said…
cant decide which is cuter Eva or the new Craft Area, LOL
Daniele said…
double congrats first the sweet adorable baby and second your new craft space
Steph said…
Congrats on your new crafting space, Helen. It looks fab! Bet you're really excited!!! Hope you're doing OK x
Claireliz said…
Awwww such a little cutie :)
great workspace too :)
Julia Dunnit said…
Ooh Helen a new space to call home, lvoely..great idea to create a mezzanine too. Baby Eva is gorgeous of course, hope they're both doing really well.
Violets Corner said…
Sorry I'm late, the work space is fabulous and the baby too!


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