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Hello WOYWWers!!
I finally have some photos of my new craft space minus the car panels!!
This is view stood at the left side of the room looking in.
You can see to the right the back of a car seat....not quite pushed hubby completely out yet...he he!!
The fleece blanket hung top left is to hide the stuff behind & to stop some draft coming in.
You can see my chair, drawers, the shelves & peeking out the back is my desk.
This is the view looking in from the top of the stairs. You can just see my red jacket hanging on my chair & the end of the step shelves on the bottom right. The black shelves are home to ribbone, shop stock, craft party stock, bind it all & chipboard bits, candles & glass jars...oh & a little bit of material too. The corner shelves are junk, hubby's magazines & boxes. You should be able to just see the laminator machine next to my cuttlebug.
here's a view looking straight at my deask, I have the step shelves beside me on the right, my papers on top of some drawers on the left & my noticeboard above the desk surrounded by cards & bits people have sent me, for either inspiration or to cheer me up every time I look at them!
Here's a closer view of my desk. You can see some photos on the notice board. Hubby on our Wedding day, Rory my nephew in his little blue sleepy suit. The one on the right is me & my 2 brothers & 2 sisters wearing our afro wigs for rehersals for the Jackson 5 & thriller dance we did in June.
On my desk is some new PM papers I bought in the sale at The Range. The little tartan purple fleece bag is my camera case. Some bits & bobs left out from making my DT project & the black & red girl digi at the back is one I have bought recently & I'm making hubby a tag for his tool box downstairs!!

Hope you enjoyed the snoop!!
If you wonder why we all show our desks off pop over to Julia's blog to see where it all started.



Wipso said…
Wow Helen. What a lot of fab crafting space you have.
A x
i wish i had such a craft room
i'm working at the dining table
thanks for sharing this hun
hugs angelique
Claireliz said…
great new craft room, I keep trying to get DH to convert the loft but he's having none of it
kayc said…
Lovely new craft room you've got. Enjoy! Kathleen x
Sue said…
Hi Helen
wow what a fabulous new crafts space, enjoy,happy WOYWW, sue,x
Cheryl said…
oh wow hun what a wonderful crafting space you have here,love hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx
looks so cosy! so well organised too, great pics, thanks for the snoop, hugs mandyxx
Phree said…
Fab new craft space, everything looks very well organised and ready for you to have a nice crafty play.
Bettythebaglady said…
I love that space-private, tucked away and all yours. Attics and roof spaces have a certain magic. Even the sounds from the street are different. Hope you are keeping well. I know I missed a bit 'cos you are now in house instead of caravan. Love BettyXXX
Diane said…
I did enjoy the nosey around...thank you for sharing your space.
Hazel (Didos) said…
Ohhh looking very good, Love all the space you have now. Happy WOYWW Hazelxoxo
Woe great pics of your craft space.....
Happy creating....A.xx
nerllybird said…
I love those Papermania designs - so pretty! Nice having a snoop at the photos on your board, too!
Joanne said…
Oh this room is going to be ab fab once completed. Lucky you.
Luv Joanne xx
Congratulations on your brand new craft space. It all looks so well organized and the jars on the shelves are so colorful. I see you have used practically every free inch of space, which is a great thing. I hope you have a great birthday, too. Happy belated WOYWW,
Michellee said…
Love your workspace... Would love to explore in this space... I adore your blog too.. Thanks for sharing.
Lou and Mel said…
Oooh new craft space! How fantastic!
I would love to start again and have a whole room to design but alas - I'm relegated to the old bathroom which is now part of our landing!
Sarpreet said…
first workdesk i have seen in a garage, I am a bit late, Fab Workspace, Happy WOYWW! Thank you for showing us your workspace.
Chrissie said…
Looks like a fabulous space... you have been really busy recently!
Ciara said…
Great craft space you have there and thanks for sharing. I love seeing what people have just bought too

Thanks for the nosey!

Sid said…
Fab area you have there !!
Nikki said…
Great new space :)
Julia Dunnit said…
It's looking marvellous Helen! I love the little teeny draws on your pinboard. And the pic of your hubby on your wedding lovely.

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