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Under the sea ......

Finished colouring my picture last night. I used promarkers and regular printer paper. It was fun trialling different colours together and different techniques. Looking forward to doing more and investing in some new pens 😁

Painting and potato stamping at 9am!

Don't you just love school holidays! 9am and we've got the paints out.  Poster paints, water colours and some potato printing in the Ellephantastic household today. What to do next? Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

Anyone for cake?

Who doesn't love cake? Well actually I'm not a big eating cake fan but I have got quite into making them! Here's one I made for my nieces birthday last week.
It's a baby Giraffe which I've copied from a cake I saw online so I can't take credit for the design. The actual cake inside was treacle sponge recipe from the Lyons website and the icing was from Simply Heaven Paste which I would highly recommend if you're a cake maker.
Happy Thursday
Helen x

Colouring time with my boy ☺

Murphy and I have been enjoying some colouring time together the past few days. He seems to be really getting into it. I've even let him use my promarkers! I've really enjoyed getting back into it although my neck is protesting! Good to be back 😁