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About me...

......I thought its probably time I should update my About me info!
So here goes....
I am currently 36 years old (as of June 2017) I live in Selby with my husband and son who is (at present) 4 and a half years old.... my son not husband πŸ˜†

I suffer with CFS/ME, Fybromyalgia, anxiety and depression. They take up a large amount of my energy and time along with my family so I need an out, something for me and that is Ellephantastic. It's my creative life. Being creative, being inspired by other peoples creativity and inspiring others with my creativity are what keep me going. As well as the love I have for my family, but that goes without saying because who couldn't love this dude?

I love all kinds of crafting and creativity, knitting, art, baking, photography, paper crafting....anything really!

I have spent a lot of time the past 2 to 3 years working on myself and trying different avenues. E.g businesses, counselling, medication, diet.....all sorts! Every time though I have ended up back at Ellephantastic so I believe in my heart that this is my true path.
I hope my stories, journey, creativity and even some moaning lol 😊 will help someone else who are going through the same things I have and still are. Its a constant up hill battle but I will not let it beat me!

In future I hope to spend some time on my other blog Me, Myself and CFS/ME and tell the whole story of how I am battling so much and still here to tell the tale!

For now though please just enjoy my website and don't forget you can keep up to date by following me on here or social media.

I currently have some Digital Images for sale
A work in progress Wall Mural which I hope to start doing more of.
And coming soon!!!
CE tested knitted toys and knitting patterns
(all of which you can find on my side bar πŸ‘‰)

So stay tuned

Much love, creativity and inspiration


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Thank you Teacher cards order

Morning Ellephantasticers!
Today I am sharing an order I've made for a friend. 2 x cards for Female teachers 1 x card for a male teacher Each card is £1.50 each  (plus p&p or free to collect from me)

If you would like a card please get in touch. I can do little school boy cards too. Blonde or brunette hair For male or female teachers
Here's an example of the school boy

Have a great Monday Helen xx

Buttons Picture Gift

This week Murphy's friend's little sister turned one and I decided I would have a go at a buttons picture as a present for her. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Very pretty for a very pretty little girly. She's my little smiley buddy when I do the school run. No matter how I feel she makes me smile.
If you would like to order a picture gift please contact me for more details
Helen  xxx

NEW>>>>The "Peepos" coming to you for snuggles soon!

Coming for some snuggles with you from this week!!
That's right. Watch out this week for the launch of my CE certified hand knitted cuddly Peepos!!
As you can see Murphy luuuuuurves them!
Which one will you be snuggling ..... or do you want them ALL?!
Stay tuned for their release and maybe even a competition to win one???!!!
Happy Monday xxx