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GDPR and how it will affect you and I

So with the GDPR malarkey coming in this week here's how it affects you and I....I Helen Laurence of Ellephantastic hereby announce that:📟 I will only ask for and require your address/phone number/mobile/email address if you order from me. So I can keep you up to date regarding your order and so I can deliver your order. The only place I would with your permission give your details would be a postal service so they can let you know when it will be delivered  (if they provide that service)📟Your details will be kept on my computer or in my phone which are both protected with techno stuff and locked so only I can get in. (IF I can remember the password!)📟If you pay by bank transfer I am not made aware of your bank details only the bank will know them and they have their own security.📟If you pay me by paypal your email address will be on my paypal invoice which is secure in paypal. I would not use this to contact you. 📟I will only contact you in regards to a query or an order you…

Endometriosis awareness month.....My story

I started my periods at 13 years old. They were extremely heavy, irregular and painful. As I got older they didn't get any better so I was put on the pill at 17 to try and regulate them. They were still very heavy and painful. I just assumed that was the same for everyone!

At 22-24 years old I was experiencing random bleed outs during sex which was highly embarrassing but thankfully my now husband was very understanding and we generally laughed about it.
It became less funny though when I started getting a lot of pain during sex and acute pelvic pain deep inside.

I was finally referred to gyne at York aged 25 where they decided to book me in for a laparoscopy. I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis.

We decided not long after this to try for a baby. We tried and tried but nothing was happening. I was ill all the time and exhausted. I had my tonsils removed but still I was exhausted all the time.
When we were managing to try for a baby I was having to direct my husband to certai…

Meet "The Peepos" Sensory Monster Toys

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Meet "The Peepos" They are lovable soft and snuggly Sensory monsters
The Peepos have been tested thoroughly and passed their CE certification

They are great for any child or adult and are especially great as a sensory toys due to their super soft, touchy feely wool.
If you would like to order one of The Peepos Monsters please  Contact Me
For full ordering details see my Terms and Conditions
My order book is now open!!!

Booboos £32.00 (plus postage) He is a lovely 15 cm high (approx) ball of monster fun. He loves to play with his best buddy Boogalobie

Boogalobie £40.00 (plus postage)  He is 33 cm high ( approx) and is actually quite a shy squishy monster given his size. He likes to play with his buddy Booboos and have snuggles at bedtime.

Floffles £32.00 (plus postage) She is 15 cm high (approx) and is the cheekiest of all the monsters.  She loves a good game and giggles a lot.

Pookiechu £45.00 (plus postage…